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  • UEM Radio Episode 8: Light Is Life January 15, 2016 Nate Northway

    In Episode 8, your hosts Robert and Nate discuss one of the most important aspects of urbex: Flashlights.

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  • 5 Miles December 3, 2015 Nate Northway

    When I was twelve, I never would have thought I’d see the world from the other side of that grate.

  • Hynite: The Beginning of Industry in South Milwaukee November 8, 2015 Teddi Stavee

    I somehow convinced my friend to take a walk with me to a place we had never been on a late Summer evening, back in 2008. We made short work of the long abandoned, crumbling road leading up towards this dead factory space. As we climbed under the tattered fence, bent by some kind of powerful ...

  • Why Five Lights? October 26, 2015 Robert Burns

    The topic of urbex equipment is often a subject of debate. Some explorers prep like they are going on a moon shot while others will show up empty-handed in shorts and flip flops. Every aspect of explorer equipment is debatable with one exception: Light. This short article is meant to help get your mind right ...

  • Solvay Coke Photojournal October 23, 2015 Nate Northway

    Solvay Coke is (probably) Milwaukee’s most visited UrbEx site. Opened in 1906, the plant processed coal to create coke, which was used to heat homes. After closing its doors in 1986, the buildings have experienced some major decay, with many being demolished, multiple fires, general vandalism, and some arson, too.

  • A Tale of an Urban Safari October 20, 2015 Nate Northway

    Brew City Safaris are urban hikes stocked full with history and hosted by UEM’s blogger Christian. There are multiple hikes hosted every year, ranging from the fun to the historical, hikes hosted in the day time, night time, and everywhere in-between.

  • Lakefront Sunrise October 5, 2015 Christian Matson-Alvirez

    Welcome to another edition of Brew City Safari Urban Hiking everyone. My name is Christian Matson-Alvirez and I will be leading us through about 7 miles or so of city streets, trails and lakefront.

  • Up Periscope September 14, 2015 Robert Burns

  • The Scout September 2, 2015 Robert Burns

    Our first glimpse appeared on a Google map where a curl of whitewater was spotted extending into the river. Comparing the same spot with a Bing bird’s-eye view confirmed the hunch: There is a significant outfall. Another cross-reference reveals trenching in an old photo of the area.

  • What If: The Cops Come? August 6, 2015 Nate Northway

    Oftentimes, explorers will find themselves in places they shouldn’t be in. No matter the intention, building owners or operators, random passerby, and employees of nearby institutions will see people that they know should not be there and call the police. Obviously, this is detrimental to the purpose of exploring and can lead to some pretty ...

  • The Five Types of Tunnels August 5, 2015 Robert Burns

    When we talk about drains there are five basic types. Let’s run through them and see what each one is all about.