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  • Lakefront Sunrise

    Lakefront Sunrise Author: Christian Matson-Alvirez Category: Brew City Safari Posted: October 5th, 2015 “Are you guys waiting for me?” is a pretty standard question to ask a group of twenty somethings sitting in an empty park at 3 am in my world. “Nope, sorry we’re just eating pizza. Why? Who are you?” “We’re with Brew City Safari, ...
  • Up Periscope

    The periscope goes up, the periscope goes down. You can't explain that!
  • The Scout

    Our first glimpse appeared on a Google map where a curl of whitewater was spotted extending into the river. Comparing the same spot with a Bing bird’s-eye view confirmed the hunch: There is a significant outfall. Another cross-reference reveals trenching in an old photo of the area.
  • What If: The Cops Come?

    Oftentimes, explorers will find themselves in places they shouldn’t be in. No matter the intention, building owners or operators, random passerby, and employees of nearby institutions will see people that they know should not be there and call the police. Obviously, this is detrimental to the purpose of exploring and can lead to some pretty hefty fines if not avoided.
  • The Five Types Of Tunnels

    When we talk about drains there are five basic types. Let’s run through them and see what each one is all about.
  • What-If: Someone Gets Hurt?

    Has it happened to you? Someone takes a fall, rolls an ankle, or suddenly gets very sick. The hazards of urban exploration can include everything from rusty nails to unseen hazardous gases. A little preparedness can prevent small accidents from becoming an unwanted odyssey of survival. Make sure others in your group have these skills too. After all, you might be the unconscious victim!
  • There Are No Abandonments

    Often, I hear people say ‘wow look at that abandoned building. Owners must not care’ or something to that effect. I also hear a lot about people entering underutilized or uncared for properties, citing ‘abandonment’ as justification for B&E. I always feel uncomfortable at these points, because, especially in an urban environment, there are no abandonments.

Urban Exploration Mag’s Call for Writers

Greetings! We are, a new site that covers urban exploration here in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

So what is this all about?

We are forming a community of active, experienced urbex writers who share a common bond of positivity. Explorers who never say, “I guess we found everything” or “Milwaukee is over”. Our goal is to inform and entertain those who are unfamiliar and encourage those who are already out there.

This is not a database of locations, although you’ll see known or easily discovered areas in our articles. Our readers want to know what drives us and how we go about the real work of urban exploration. Safety is at our core, so we will provide and invite regular updates and discussion on those topics. The site will include history, maps, stories, photos, and video showing the real day to day of UEM writers. We will reach into all forms of social media to make sure our stories develop interest beyond the website itself. Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, and “the rest” are in our sights.

What do we want from you?

Simply put, content. We know you are out there doing awesome stuff right here in Milwaukee. The articles don’t need to be “tell-all, show-all” stories. This is an opportunity for you to cut your own personal style and develop a following for your continued adventures. We already have several writers with unique styles geared to reach different audiences.

What do we expect from our team?

If you join the team we will need you to explore and keep exploring, but that’s the easy part. We need you to write articles, post photos, and shoot video. We will be using Google docs and Flickr as our backbone so please get familiar with those tools. To be even clearer, you will need to have a Flickr account to be a writer for UEM. Our editor Nate Northway will review and edit all articles and will be responsible for the site’s overall management. We will host periodic writer workshops and hold occasional group explores for the content team.

May I create content using a pseudonym?

Yes you may. They are out to get you after all.

Turns out, I’m a primadonna with a chip on my shoulder!

There are no egos here at UEM, so please leave yours at home. We are all super badasses with a giant dose of mutual respect and admiration for one another’s work.

Is this a paying position?

No. Consider how writing for UEM fits into your personal goals as an explorer, writer, photographer, and content producer.

How do I get involved?

We are going to need to know all about you, read examples of your writing, and see photos you have taken. Please submit a Bio, writing example, and sample photos to You may either attach examples or provide links. However, if you provide links be sure they are direct to the content you have created. Do not send a link to the Flickr homepage and say, “look me up as such and such”.

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