A Tale of an Urban Safari

Brew City Safaris are urban hikes stocked full with history and hosted by UEM’s blogger Christian. There are multiple hikes hosted every year, ranging from the fun to the historical, hikes hosted in the day time, night time, and everywhere in-between. I often frequent the night hikes and enjoy them most, for sure. There is not only good historical context provided by the wonderful host, but also good exploration possibilities. All legal, of course. There is usually a group of people, when I first started going, maybe 5 or so people, but since then it’s started growing. People have come out by the hundreds to enjoy these hikes. I’m going to talk about one of the first long hikes we took, Bay View to the East Side, in April of 2014.

This hike started in the park on Howell & Oklahoma. We traversed up Howell to KK, up to First street near the Allen Bradley Clock Tower, to downtown via 6th st and the viaduct, through Downtown via Wisconsin Ave east to the Art Museum for the sunrise, then north to Brady street, and ending at Colectivo on the Prospect. This hike was 7.3 Miles, quite the hike even for the experienced.

My first photo in this set comes from a service walk behind a bar on Kinnikinnick Avenue. Though it wasn’t a stop on the official itinerary of this hike, it was a good stopping off point for my friend and I. It’s a wheatpaste by Have Goals, quite possibly one of my favorites. The way to access it was a little sketchy, as we had to go through the alley or through a bar’s patio to access it. We opted for the alley way, which included squeezing between a garage and a tight building. After a quick turn, we found what we were looking for. With some poor lighting and camera flashes, we managed to get a few good photos. When exiting, we opted for the patio, and though it was nearing the wee hours of the morning (3am, if I recall correctly), we disturbed the tender who was closing up shop and bolted out of there pretty quick.

My next photo comes from a bit of the way up the road on KK. The only passerby we saw the whole way was seen here, inquisitive about the 20 or so people walking in a group on KK that early in the morning (or late at night, depending on your perspective). The sticker, featuring SONE/PASE, is one of my favorite features of the neighborhood: street art culture is alive and well in Milwaukee, with stickers, wheatpastes, installations, and graffiti all over the city. But it’s not well received. That’s why I love finding the good stuff, like this. It’s hard to find, but it’s there.

This photo of the Overpass is probably one of the best photos I’ve ever taken. It’s a great view during the day, the support structure for the overpass is emblazoned by community made murals, nested within a park and parking lot. It’s a very interesting part of the south side, which is super eccentric, with art all over the place, music constantly being played, plenty of interesting food, and plenty of alcohol. A lovely part of town that calms down at night, the murals stay out partying.

Brew City Safari can be found at http://brewcitysafari.org