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Robert Burns
Robert Burns
Content Creator, Leaping Known at Urban Exploration Mag
Hey, I’m Robert UEM’s resident tunnel guy. Tunnels were introduced to me as a kid watching the TV show “Hogan’s Heroes”. I could not get enough of the idea that underneath everyone else’s normal life there would be this network of tunnels that only a few would know about. As an adult map enthusiast I began to discover numerous tunnels all around the city of Milwaukee. Upon exploring these tunnels I was struck by the industrial beauty of underground spaces and began to actively seek out and photograph them. Over the years I have explored hundreds of tunnels while developing my own unique photography style.

If you want to explore with me, know that I will be annoyed if you are; late, not rested, unprepared / no gear, or show poor OPSEC. Also, I’m not much of a joiner so don’t be offended when I don’t want to come on your trip.

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