UEM Radio

The UEM Radio show is hosted by Riverwest Radio Thursday nights at 5PM. If you have a topic suggestion or a question you’d like answered, please fill out the form located here and we’ll do our best to respond.

  • UEM Radio Episode 8: Light Is Life January 15, 2016

    In Episode 8, your hosts Robert and Nate discuss one of the most important aspects of urbex: Flashlights.

  • UEM Radio Episode 7: Flush Tunnel December 17, 2015

    This week, Robert and Nate talk about the Milwaukee River Flush Tunnel – arguably on of the most interesting parts of Milwaukee History.

  • UEM Radio Episode 6: Solvay Coke & Gas Co December 11, 2015

    This week, Peter Gnas is on again, this time joining Nate to talk about Solvay Coke and Gas Co. Peter can be found on Flickr, where an extensive amount of photos from Solvay can be found. For more about the planned razing of the site, see the Journal Sentinel article.

  • UEM Radio Episode 5: The Mantra December 6, 2015

    This week, Nate and Robert welcome Peter Gnas to the show. We ask Peter some questions and talk about ‘The Mantra’: Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints, break nothing but silence, kill nothing but time.

  • UEM Radio Episode 4: Gear November 22, 2015

    In this installment of Urban Exploration Mag Radio, Robert and Nate break down the gear they bring with them when exploring. Don’t forget to bring a towel (and an extra pair of socks).

  • UEM Radio Episode 3: Safety November 13, 2015

    Welcome back to UEM Radio! Today, Robert and Nate talk about Safety when exploring. Identifying risks and preparing for those risks are important steps to a good explore.
    You can stream UEM Radio live at Riverwest Radio Thursdays at 5PM. You can Tweet to @UrbExMag with your questions during the show, too.

  • UEM Radio Episode 2: Maps November 6, 2015

    Welcome back to UEM Radio! And welcome Teddi Stavee to the team!
    In this episode, Robert and Nate discuss maps. All different types of maps from purely historical to informational to visual. Scouting is also lightly touched on, but for a more in-depth understanding of scouting, check out Robert’s article The Scout
    UEM Radio can be streamed live on Riverwest Radio Thursdays at 5pm. And now you can Tweet to @UrbExMag with your questions during the show. All correspondence received after the show will be answered during the next episode, if possible. Thanks for listening!

  • UEM Radio Episode 1 October 30, 2015

    In Episode 1, Robert and Nate talk a bit about themselves and the history of UEM. They also talk a bit about gear, safety, and the future of UEM and UEM Radio.